Ghosts And Ghouls

What's it all about

"Back in 2013 our documentary film crew spent 3 days following, Murray Winterbottom, a council employee tasked with ridding old buildings of paranormal pests."

Ghosts & Ghouls is a six part (mock-doc) series following two Paranormal Pest Controllers (Ghostbusters) operating in the north west of England. We have currently produced 3 episodes, & have 3 more in pre-production. The episodes titles are as follows:

Episode 01: Men From The Council (Produced)
Episode 02: Ghosts, Ghouls & Other Aspirations (Produced)
Episode 03: Ghosts, Ghouls & The 5th Dimension (Produced)
Episode 04: Ghosts, Ghouls & The Ángel del Toro (Pre-Production)
Episode 05: Ghosts, Ghouls & Undead Pets (Pre-Production)
Episode 06: Ghosts, Ghouls & The 5th Dimension Part Two; Return of the Red Eye (Pre-Production)

We've currently put a (slightly ambitious) funding target of 5k to produce the three remaining episodes in the series. This will cover kit rental, crew & use of post-production facilities. Episodes 4 & 5 will adhere to the same duration as their predeccessors, however, we intend episode 6 to have a slightly longer duration (around the 10 minute mark), so the majority of any monies raised will go towards this.




1 Video

Sun 28 October 01:20pm
In the third instalment of the 'Ghosts & Ghouls' series; Murray & Guillermo shed light on the existence of the 5th dimension, we discuss alternate methods of paranormal control with business mogul, Bruno Burma, & director, Gordon, tries his hand at a spot of demon hunting.

Sun 28 October 01:17pm
In the second instalment of the Ghosts, & Ghouls series; Murray & fellow paranormal pest controller, Guillermo, tackle a ghostly disturbance & discuss some of the more interesting ghosts they've encountered.
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Funding Progress

Goal £5,000
There are no donations
Written By Tom Hall
Directed By Martin Hall
Director/s of Photography Cami Carlow, Rory Mizen & Mark Ashford
Edited By Ariane Parry & Tom Hall
Scripted Development By Ariane Parry & Hayley Griffiths
Colour/Grade By Dan Beare & Theophile Nicoletti
Score By Simon Birch
Performed By Tom Hall, Otger Perrich, Hayley Griffiths, Aaron Pitkin, Mark Ashford, Martin Hall & Rory Mizen
Sound By Daisy Tian-Dai
Produced By Hayley Griffiths
Fri 26 October 10:32am
We're looking for a comedy producer to help develop the series.