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FOREIGNERS is an exciting new dramatic comedy series about a group mid-30’s Expats trying to navigate life in London. These characters are totally unique and bring different baggage to the same city.




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Sat 24 November 08:01am
Greg and Josephine have their second date at an up-scale restaurant in London. Things don't go as planned due to an unforeseen annoyance.

Sat 24 November 08:00am
Katie and Ryan finally land a babysitter and decide what to do with their night off.

Sat 24 November 07:59am
Olivia adjusts to ex-pat life in London while connecting with some old family members.
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Writer & Director : Erin Barry
Produced by : Erin Barry
Production Design : Erin Barry
Casting : Erin Barry
DOP: Fraser Watson
Editor: Fraser Watson
Colourist : Fraser Watson
Sound & Lighting: Fraser Watson
Fri 26 October 05:05pm
Yes actors and editors!
Grant Foxon

Grant Foxon

Hi I am interested in acting for you?

Erin Barry

Erin Barry

hi @grant thanks for your interest. Can you send me an email with a recent showreel and headshots to Thanks so much