The Shimmer Twins

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A top banana, emerging alt-folk/folk-alt brother/sister duo.

The Shimmer Twins is a dark comedy about family, folk music, and things better left unsaid. Alice and Thom Shimmer have had a troubled home life; Ostracized and alone, they attempt to escape their difficult past through music. Join the twins as they welcome you into their meta-theatrical world of music and comedy.

We plan to make more videos and hopefully take a show to the Edinburgh Fringe.


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Fri 07 December 02:55pm
The Shimmer Twins - Chances of Snow (That's Why Its Called Christmas!)

Please help us get to number one and wipe that smug grin of Simon Callow's face.
terianne falcone

terianne falcone

So silly! Love it!

Fri 07 December 02:53pm
The Shimmer Twins Celebrate Easter

Fri 07 December 02:51pm
The Shimmer Twins - Web Site

Fri 07 December 02:50pm
The Shimmer Twins "Merch"

Tue 20 November 09:50am
The Shimmer Twins "Love Amongst The Tombstones"
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The Shimmer Twins is written and performed by Emma Lundegaard and Peter Rugman

Tue 20 November 09:46am
We're looking to find comedy/theatre producers for a possible Edinburgh Fringe show.