The Merry Monks

What's it all about

A satirical primitive animation set in a monestery where the monks are all happy, not particularly religious and gay. Think Pedro Almodovar's BAD HABITS meets Rhubarb and Custard.

The headline vid is a teaser.

I’d like to make ten 20 minute episodes.

I want to keep the animation style but will be able to do more with the money, the animation will stay in black and white though has a homage to the 1927 film Passion of Joan of Arc even though this is a satire comedy about gay monks living together in a monastery.




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Sat 19 January 06:29pm
So it turns out I never did visit the Earths core after all, apparently what happened was I was repairing a carrier bag with glue when I got it stuck in my head and passed
out for a month, thankfully as this happened in a public toilet the splash back of urine was enough to sustain me with water and so I am all good now. 

Thu 10 January 07:49pm

Frank, Let Me Be??????????

Thu 20 December 04:08pm
So digging under the Earth’s surface has stalled at 200 miles after entering a strange subterranean chamber controlled by bird like Gods and cavemen. Will try and negotiate with the local nehanderthal tribe but this is difficult as I am rather anti social and I am annoying them a lot by playing garage music really loud outside their dwellings. The avian god creatures have advised the tribes to form a community watch organisation.

Wed 19 December 08:43am
So the crisis with being trapped in the house with no means of escape and all my tops glued to the floor, all door knobs removed and no water due to me removing the taps has ended! I am delighted to report that a sink hole opened up due to fracking and that I am now 2.5 metres down. Naturally I have decided as I am already 2.5 metres down to continue digging to the core rather than climb back to the surface. Digging will be difficult but I intend to use a tea plate and Cadbury’s flake that I have modified into a digging machine reminiscent of ‘the mole’ from thunderbirds.

Sun 09 December 02:57pm
I finally understand the ending to The Sixth Sense, that bit with the names going up is the credits.

Fri 07 December 09:46am
I haven’t had anything to drink in over 24 hours...ever since I attempted to use all the taps to replace the door knobs, the hallucinations grow ever stranger including a communist parrot who won’t stop recounting the entire 4 volumes of Karl Marx Das Kapital and informing me of why a dictatorship of the proletariat was a good thing and could get me out of my no door door knobs, all tops glued to the floor, no new fans predicament.

Thu 06 December 07:53am
I don’t know if that pink alligator in the corner is real or not... I have been trying to build new door knobs using the taps but they won’t work...damn it! They won’t work!!!

Funding Progress

Goal £10,000
There are no donations
Just myself at the moment, but hope to bring in others if I get funding.
Mon 26 November 01:07pm
At the moment it’s just me but with funding I hope to bring on other people to help to operate cameras do voices etc...