The Grey Tracksuit Chronicles: Episode One

What's it all about

  • Each episode is slated to be no more than three minutes long, two minutes optimum length.
  • Various locations in the UK.
  • Each episode will feature a different character or cast of characters, with the possibility of "throwbacks" to previously seen characters.
  • Anticipated series of 12 short episodes.
  • Non-linear series (ie. each episode is not connected in plot or narrative.)
  • The "golden thread" running through the series is the grey tracksuit.
  • I will write the short scripts, direct and film the cast.
  • A series won't be written or planned out as such, each episode is independent of each other.


Mind Warp


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Geoff Westby: Scriptwriter, director, camera operator, sound operator, editor.

Performers: Different personnel each episode.

No collaboration required at the moment