And Wells

What's it all about

And Wells is a sketch show with no lead. Pete Wells does his best to the play supporting role to other talented comedians. Rattling through some of the best known artists to fill in the hole left by Fry from Laurie. Mitchell from Webb.

Each sketch features a better lead.

Previously starring - Julia Harari, Ryan Howes from Seldom Differ, and Robin Geradts-Gill from the desk next to me.


Our sketches range from 60 seconds to 3min.

We are looking to initially produce three sketches with each comedian - or two sketches a month. Eventually building towards a 6 episode series of a full half hour collaboration complete with studio audience... (but we need more friends first!)

Currently we are 3 sketches away from creating that perfect pilot with Ryan Howes!


With our collective skills in film making - we've got all the knowhow, crew, and camera. We just need someone to upstage Pete!




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Fri 21 December 09:51am
A new one before Christmas! Thanks all for liking this series.

We're planning more for Feb, would love collaborators. If you like our stuff - get involved. Would be great to make the most of this brilliant community.

Mon 10 December 09:33pm
Dinner parties can be so stressful... what do you bring?

In 2019 - we're looking to make 3 episodes each, with 6 comedians. Just like this - but with desert.. Get in touch if you'd like to be involved.

Mon 26 November 09:19pm
We pulled in Tom Furniss - NZ comedian and filmmaker for another fun sketch.

Would you trust these two guards to watch Downing Street?
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Pete Wells - writer and comedian.
Pete has worked in film and television, mixing variuos roles from Producer to Camera House Owner. Bringing that all together - he now writes and stars in this adhoc series.

Robin Geradts-Gill - writer and director.
Creator of the series Altruman, and now a key creative in New York - Robin is an expert comedy director looking for the driest of humour in everyday life.
Mon 26 November 01:10pm
Want to collabaorate on some sketches? Then that's exactly what this is about!

Get touch if you want to co-create and as our next celebrity lead!


Really funny - love the Jules & Wells office sketch & the guards - Are you guys still looking for collaborators? Aimee :)