Side Hustle

What's it all about

A web series about 2 main characters and several side characters looking to leave the world of corporate work and survive in the gig economy.

It will start as a series of self made advertisments followed by character lead episodes developing their businesses.

Slightly surreal ala Flight of the Conchords.

We're planning 3-4 adverts of about 2-3 minutes each, then 5-6 episodes, 6 minutes long with a standard sitcom format.


We have already invested in relatively high level film making equipment and software. Any investment would be used for travel expenses and general running costs (Catering), so that we can hopefully bring on board the best people to script and act in the series. Also (Like most comedy freelancers!) the closer we get to our funding goal, the more time we can put aside to the scripting of the episodes.

Our production cycle is roughly 1 day scripting, 2 days shooting, 2 days editing.


Mind Warp


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Funding Progress

Goal £1,000
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Charlie Hopkinson - Director, editor, actor.

Jessica Brooks - Writer, actress.

Robin Humphreys - Writer, actor.
Mon 26 November 01:31pm
Looking for all manner of collaborators, get in touch!

In particular we would be looking for comedians for writing and guest star appearances.