Living the Dream

What's it all about

We recently visited a new up and coming holiday camp in Pratts Bottom called Pontibutvan. What we discoverd was the owner of the camp Bobbi J. Ran everything by himself.

We managed to catch a busy day on the camp with 9 families booked on, hoping for some holiday memories. Instead they got a holiday from hell.....

The documentary follows Holiday entertainer Bobbi J on his quest to become the UK's top holiday entertainer at the best holiday camp "Pontibutvan"... Bobbi J runs the show.. Doing everything from Bingo.. Live cabaret shows including tributes to Peter Andre, Beyonce, Abba and even Ronan Keeting. While he's not on stage performing he also dips into being a lifeguard. unfortunately he can not swim..




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Writer - Deano Jones

Production Co - El Draw productions

We collaborated with EL DRAW PRODUCTIONS to bring you this fly on the wall documentary. Living the Dream was originally written by Deano Jones who took inspiration from working at holiday parks and basing the character Bobbi J on people he'd met during his years entertaining...
Mon 26 November 11:07pm
I would love to collaborate with fellow comedy writers who would be interested in taking Living the dream to the next level.. We have an open book to create all sorts of fun characters.
Ben Kirby

Ben Kirby

HI there Deano, I'm interested in working with you, as I'm a comedy actor and writer. Here's some of my work: