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We are two comedy writers from Kent who make short comedy sketches with an eventual aim of making a sketch show largely based on our own issues, which are numerous. At the moment we are filming a sketch a week and putting them on our social media platforms.

To date our sketches have consisted of:

1. A mini-series of 'mum hacks' which aims to satirise the patronising parenting advice which is rife on the internet

2. A short video of a nervous passenger being driven to distraction

3. An internal monologue of someone listening to someone else's description of their dream

4. A series of female duologues around the kitchen table competing about various things such as birth stories, how organised they are and who can come up with the most backhanded compliment.

We like to take the mundane and make it funny.




1 Video

Mon 25 February 10:49am
Aimee and Hattie get deep and philisophical about their core beliefs.

Mon 04 February 11:39am
Knowing your insta-calender is an absolute MUST in order to raise awareness of important topics - like yourself. Here, Hattie shows Aimee how to get round the logistical difficulties of National Everybody's Going Skiing Week.

Thu 31 January 10:28pm
Hattie helps Aimee know her #gift from her #ad during this tutorial about lawyer-ey stuff. If you hunz have any q’s then please don’t hesitate to drop them into the comments section below. Unless you are from the ASA, in which case - no, YOU cease and desist. 

Tue 29 January 05:50pm
When you’re an influencer you have to get used to being recognised when you’re out and about. Big shout out to Brian for the love ❤️
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Written, performed, filmed, directed and edited by Hattie Harrison (insta- @hattie.writes) and Aimee Cooper (insta- @aimeecooperforms)
Tue 27 November 11:04am
Keen to collaborate with any other content creaters and performers.

In Spring 2019 we are particulary interested in hearing from any performers wishing to take part in a day of filming. This is will be for an improvised sketch tackling female issues but all genders welcome.
Grant Foxon

Grant Foxon

Hi Sketchy, I am interested in playing any parts for your show? Do you have a male character type I could play and send you a sample video?



Sounds great! Really interested in any female parts available. Can self-tape on request, just give me a shout! X