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The League of Taste & Class Corp.

Chris Shaw

The League of Taste & Class is an animated dark-comedy sketch group founded...

Animation 6 Fans

Goal £500

Drawn Out Jokes

Drawn Out Jokes

When life gives you lemons… go to the supermarket and buy lemonade.I quit...

Collaboration Needed

Animation 8 Fans

Goal £100

Aunty Bereju

Been Edgy

Aunty Bereju! A lady who LITERALLY gets CARRIED AWAY asking questions.The script...

Collaboration Needed

Animation 2 Fans

Sketches By Sarah


My name is Sarah. I like to write and perform sketches. I animate them because I...

Animation 5 Fans

The Merry Monks

Grant Foxon

A satirical primitive animation set in a monestery where the monks are all happy...

Collaboration Needed

Animation 10 Fans

Goal £10,000
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