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Double Denim

William Morgan

Double Denim are a fictional Pop Rock band from the 1980’s. They enjoyed a...

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Mockumentary 9 Fans

Samuel Johnson - My Life Stories

Joao Nsita

The show is a mockumentary type show where the main character Samuel Johnson inf...

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Mockumentary 4 Fans

Goal £600

Living the Dream

Deano Jones

We recently visited a new up and coming holiday camp in Pratts Bottom called Pon...

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Mockumentary 6 Fans

British Rationals

Keif Gwinn

British Rationals is a short-form, heightened realism comedy web series ranging...

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Mockumentary 11 Fans

Goal £10,000

Ghosts And Ghouls

Thomas Hall

"Back in 2013 our documentary film crew spent 3 days following, Murray Winterbot...

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Mockumentary 12 Fans

Goal £5,000

Un_Conditional - We're Gonna Shout


A self-filmed Documentry following Christian outreach pop/synth band Un_Conditio...

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Mockumentary 14 Fans

Home Schooled

Katie Pritchard

This is a mockumentary with interviews - think a fusion of Summer Heights High,...

Mockumentary 13 Fans

Goal £700

Pierre & Jean-Paul

Steve Hodgetts

Pierre & Jean-Paul were born in the wrong country, according to them. Growin...

Mockumentary 19 Fans