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Plastic Paddies

Eoin Ross-Lonergan

The show follows the story of Liam who moves into his cousin Chris' place in Lon...

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Elizabeth McClellan

Hiya pals, thanks for reading. We've written four and a half out of seven episod...

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Goal £3,000

The Mungbeaners

Fuzzy Dice

We have made season 1 and are currently in post production on season 2 but as th...

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Sparebnb is an award-winning comedy anthology about the different guests that st...

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The Bots Next Door


The Bots Next Door follows the domestic lives of Roni and Rana Robot - a pair of...

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Owl House

Mark Keegan

With the big screen version of Downton Abbey due to drop later later this year,...

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Jim Vanderpump

'Sidelined' is an animated sitcom about an average footballer, Stevie Lautrec, w...

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Ruined: A Hipster Ghost Story

Lily Smith

Ruined is a comedy web series which I made to address my dual anxieties about th...

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