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Still Standing

Laura McMahon

Still Standing is a series of fictional shorts that follow emerging comedians as...

Sitcom 6 Fans

The Young Professionals

The Young Professionals

Whether it's blocking up mouse holes, running from Landlords or making puppet sh...

Collaboration Needed

Sitcom 7 Fans

What the Frick


ABOUT: Austrian Lisl Frick, escapes the Alps to follow a few of her favourite th...

Collaboration Needed

Sitcom 13 Fans

£30 Raised 2%

Goal £2,000

When You Hit Rothbottom

Mason and Morrish

When You Hit Rothbottom Is a darkly comic six-part webseries following Nikki Rot...

Collaboration Needed

Sitcom 59 Fans

£5 Raised

Goal £1,105


Aaron Kilkenny-Fletcher

Let us introduce you to Maladjusted: a comedy web series about directionless, mi...

Sitcom 5 Fans

Gruffy and David


Sarah(David) and Gruffy deliver expert advice on theatre tech! Gruffy may be a l...

Collaboration Needed

Sitcom 5 Fans

Mommy knows it all

alycia rosenberg

It will be made over one month. It will be in sitcom form, one camera and one lo...

Collaboration Needed

Sitcom 3 Fans

Goal £500

No Cheese Please

John Stephens

Johny once appeared on a well known national tv cookery show, and was removed fr...

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Sitcom 6 Fans