About Us

Punkanary is a comedy video-on-demand channel that aims to revolutionise the way comedy shows are made and enjoyed.

It will be the home for fresh sketches and series that appeal to diverse new audiences, and where fans can get involved in the creation of new shows.

Why such a thing exists

If South Park was made today, it wouldn’t get screened.” So we keep being told.

Traditional TV is risk averse. At Punkanary we only play by one rule. If a group of fans love it, it gets screened.

The entertainment industry faces huge challenges of diversity, appealing to millennial viewers, and taking risks on new ideas. Scripted comedy is especially mired in this cycle.

We solve this problem by opening a channel to all creators making low cost, high quality productions, screening content that proves an audience.

It's raw, funny, unhinged, unplugged.

The industry is crying out for diversity of talent and taking risks on content viewers find genuinely funny and exciting.

We grew up in an age when The Office and The Royle Family were challenging the status quo, Peep Show and The Inbetweeners shocked and surprised, and Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse took sketch shows to a new level. But even those great shows are “all white on the night”, and don’t speak to everyone.

The current system was set up to work when production had to be expensive and slow, with huge teams making content for a handful of channels. Now there is an opportunity to redefine how comedy is made and enjoyed.

We are fighting the fear of outrage culture, allowing content creators to take risks, shock and have us in tears of laughter the way comedy should.