Creator Tips

So comedy creators, here on Punkanary you are: 

1) Building an audience of fans

2) Making your show

3) Finding like-minded people to help

But fear not, because we are here with some handy tips and tricks to help you smash those targets.

Finding your fans

OK this might seem daunting, but it's actually very daunting easy and fun. Well maybe not easy, but it can be fun. We have 4 posts to help you out, starting with the first one on how to find your fans:

Click here for the series


What content to make

Any comedy content you want. As long as a group of fans will love it.

If you are new to the creative scene and don't have a big team and budget behind you, we suggest keeping it as simple and short as possible. Make sure the character or characters (no need to have more than one or two) are damn funny and as sharp and honed as possible.

There's nothing wrong with making longer content, but there is something wrong with filler that doesn't add anything to the story or make the audience laugh and just seems to go on and on and on before people start to switch off and as soon as they have done that there is no getting them back and you wish you had finished your sentence so much earlier...



You may have noticed a box for collaborating on the comedy show pages. That's because collaborating to comedy is like spinach to Popeye. Without it your show is just a washed up old sailor with a massive chin. That's right.

Collaborating is everything to a show so we make it easy for you to find your people. Don't let not having a cameraman or a writing partner or actress or animator stop you making your thing. Tell people what you are looking for on your show page and make sure you respond to enquiries that come your way. There's thousands of creators with different skills hanging around these here parts, so make use of them!