How it works

Punkanary is a secret den for discovering comedy that dares to be original.

It's open to everyone who wants to create and enjoy comedy.

The shows you see on Punkanary are all being developed into a series of sketches or episodes by exciting comedy creators.

This is the place where new comedy shows are born.


Watching Content - Embrace the Indie

Punkanary shows raw, funny indie comedy. You won't find these shows on Netflix or anywhere like that.

Everything you see here is low fi. It is not available in 4K UHD, although some of the shows have been made for less than £4k.

You won't require 3D specs to watch Punkanary content. We do recommend regular specs if you are short or long sighted, but contact lenses could work just as well depending on personal fashion preferences.

We wouldn't recommend using a VR headset, you might find that confusing when trying to watch the content.

Otherwise just press the play button and make sure it's not on mute.


Creator FAQs - How do I create a show?

WARNING: the following video is not funny in the slightest. It is an explanation of how to create a comedy show on Punkanary. Any laughter experienced while watching this video will be entirely incidental and is no reflection of the content.



Time stamps:

Sign up and verify email: 0:25

Create an avatar: 1:25

Create a show page: 2:09

How to embed a video: 3:16

Entering collaboration details: 5:39

Including images on your team page: 6:08

How to get fans for your show: 7:40

Posting updates: 8:00

Contacting your fans: 9:05


Creator FAQs - Eligibility Criteria: What content goes on Punkanary?

Punkanary is all about comedy that dares to be original. We are looking for your comedy shows, whether they are a series of sketches, episodes, animations, short films, any format you like.

The important thing is it's an original comedy show (so not a cat video or a remake of an existing show, or a dramatic documentary about life in the jurassic era, unless its amusingly put together).

We will ultimately be showcasing the best performing shows in an all new down right awesome comedy on-demand channel. If you want to get involved in that we are looking for shows on Punkanary to demonstrate 2 things:

      1. A following of fans for your page to show they love it

      2. A series of episodes / sketches based around repeat characters or a theme.

So no longer must creators and fans sit at the mercy of a boring channel showing repeats of Big Bang Theory. Now you take control. This is comedy the way it should be.

Show us what you’ve got.


Creator FAQs - What should I post on my page?

Punkanary is for creators to post teaser content, updates on the show, behind the scenes footage, clips, and the first episodes of exciting new comedy shows.

It's also a place for creators and fans to ask questions and help make the show as awesomely hilarious as it can be. Fans are notified when creators post an update on their page, so be sure to keep them coming creators!

Don't forget people love visual content. So videos and images are great in your updates.


Creator FAQs - Should I wait until my show is made before creating a page on Punkanary?

No. Do it as soon as you have an idea for a show and a teaser video to show off the humour.

That way you have longer to build up a fan base, get noticed by the crowd, find collaborators, and for us to share your show. Plus we are looking for shows to screen at a big event in 2019 and you need to be on Punkanary before the end of the year to get involved.


Creator FAQs - How do I raise funds

Punkanary allows fans to help bring comedy shows to life by making donations to the creative team.

As a show creator, if you want to raise funds to help with production, scripting, editing, animation or anything else, this is what you need to do:


1. When you create or edit your show, set a funding goal for the amount you need to raise. Be sure to say what you are raising funds for in your comedy show description.

2. Once your show is approved, go into your dashboard and click on "Payment Settings"

3. There you need to set up a PayPal account to receive donation payments. Fans can donate using card or PayPal, but as a creator you need to have a PayPal account set up to receive your donations

4. Creators receive 100% of donations straight away, regardless of whether the funding target has been reached

And that's it! A simple way to help fund exciting new comedy projects.