Not So Super Heroes

Not So Super Heroes

To celebrate the incoming exclusive premier on the Punkanary channel of Super Unit, a new British super hero comedy show, we want to see your very own hilarious take on all things spandex and secret identities.

From Peter Serafinowicz and the Tick to Ben Affleck and Batman V Superman, comedy and superheroes have always been more friend than foe, but we want you to take it up a notch.

Grab your cape, squeeze into that spandex and give the world your best super hero related short sketches!

Parodies, home brew super heroes, meta commentary, the sandbox is all yours just bring the funny.


Submission Guidelines

- This is a global competition and is open to entrants from any location, with screening events in the US and UK.

- Only submissions through Punkanary will be considered. Submissions must be made under the category “Super Heroes”. It is free to enter the competition.

- Submissions must be an original sketch or short. They must be a visual production, whether that is filmed footage or animation.

- To submit your sketch or short, log in to Punkanary, click “create a show”, and set up a page for your entry with the category “Super Heroes”. Check out the video on the NightmareBnB challenge page here to see how its done.

- We do not specify a maximum or minimum length, but we recommend keeping it as funny and tight as possible. No filler. If it can be 2 minutes, don't make it 3 for the sake of it.

- You can enter a previously recorded sketch or short that fits the brief. However, given the unique nature of the topic you are more likely to be successful if you make something specifically for this competition.

- Your entry must be completed and submitted by Monday 15th April at 23:59 GMT.

- Your entry must not be in breach of any copyright, including music or sound used in your video.

- Your entry must adhere to the content guidelines in our terms and conditions.

- All submissions must either be English language, subtitled in English or dubbed into English.

Below are important guidelines specific to content of your sketches - if you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask us (

- Avoid using original theme music in your sketch, even if you believe it to be of an insignificant amount or purely in back ground. We reserve the right to refuse any submission where we believe the sketch is offensive or potentially harmful to the reputation of an established character, property or trademark and where, in our opinion there is no basis for arguing there is fair use of the character/trademark or that your sketch or potrayal is a true parody.

- Your entry must not be in breach of any copyright (including music or sound used in your video) or include unlawful use of any registered or unregistered trademark.



The top 3 entries will be screened at events in New York, LA and UK in 2019. More details to follow.

The top 3 entries will also be screened on our new Punkanary On-Demand comedy channel, as well as being promoted far and wide as the first Punkanary challenge winners.

The best entries will also be seen by our Punkanary industry judges including Steve Stamp, co-creator of BAFTA award-winning People Just Do Nothing, and Lucy Lumsden, former BBC and Sky comedy commissioner and founder of Yellow Door Productions.



The winning entries will be judged by a combination of the following:

1. Most fans following the sketch or short on Punkanary - we’ll judge this one last, so even if you submit your entry on the 15 April deadline, you will have a week or two to get fans following it! Obviously the earlier you submit the more time you will have for this.

2. Punkanary editor picks - looking for originality, humour, and quality of the comedy over production (just make sure the visuals and audio are clear throughout)

3. Super Unit creator picks - Noah and Jordan are the creators of the excellent new comedy show Super Unit launching on Punkanary On-Demand, and they will be judging their favourite entries

4. LafTonic test - an Artificial Intelligence tool that measures the response of hundreds of comedy fans and records how engaged they are with the contentfac

5. Industry judges - see prize section above!


Got any questions? Send us an email to with the subject "Not So Super Heroes" and we'll be all over it.